Crumbs & Cream Dessert Cafe

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Your perception of desserts will definitely change. It is the result of our exhaustive research into cuisines and flavors from around the world that continually introduces new taste experiences & presentation that are always pleasing to the eyes & taste buds. Make your dreams come true with Crumbs & Cream.


Working with just the best vendors enables us to hand-select all of our toppings and sweet additions and guarantees the greatest quality possible for every component used to hand-craft our desserts.
Everything at Crumbs & Cream is carefully picked. Since authentic ingredients provide the greatest-tasting desserts, we continually source and test our products to create the best one we can.


Our vision is to tantalize the taste buds of every individual. Not only the taste but also the Quantity, Affordability & Quality will be brought to the peak level. Beautifully decorated, cosy, sit-down environments with full service (table ordering) are where our confections are presented. This makes it a special place to celebrate milestones and a fantastic spot for catching up with your friends and family. It additionally makes it a great date night idea.